Elden Ring

Versions and compatibility

Latest version v1.0.12
Released on 01-feb-2023
Compatible with Elden Ring, Steam.
Hotsampling via No hotsampling support.
Supports IGCS Connector Yes

Features at a glance

The photomode mod for Elden Ring offers the following features:

  • Camera control: (Also in cut scenes)
    • FoV control
    • Free unlimited camera movement and rotation
  • Timestop / game pause control
  • Camera paths support ('dolly cam') for defining moving camera trajectories for movies.
  • Game speed control (slow-motion, speed up)
  • Frameskip
  • HUD toggle
  • Pillarbox/letterbox removal in custom aspect ratios (UW support)
  • Vignette removal
  • Chromatic Aberration (CA) removal
  • Higher LODs
  • Configurable input interpolation for smooth camera movement/rotation/fov zoom in/out
  • Setting for being invisible to enemies
  • Sun light direction control (pseudo Time of Day)
  • Configurable keybindings
  • Configurable gamepad buttonbindings

You first have to disable anti-cheat. This will disable the online feature: you can't use this camera in an online session, so you can't summon people. To disable anti-cheat, copy the file steam_appid.txt, enclosed in the tools' zip file, to the folder where eldenring.exe is located, so the <game installation folder>\Game folder. Then start the game using the eldenring.exe in that folder directly, don't start the game via steam.

How to use

Please see for details how to get started and configure this photomode mod, General features and configuration. This guide will provide additional information for the controls / features specific for this photomode mod.


If you don't see the eldenring.exe process in the Process to inject to textbox, please click the Select button to select it manually. This might be the case if you're running the game as Administrator, and the IGCSClient.exe does not, it can't see the eldenring.exe process. In that case, restart the IGCSClient.exe as Administrator.

It also might be you didn't properly disable the anti-cheat (e.g. you started the game via the steam client) and it'll then not be visible to the tools.


The camera tools don't work well together with MSI Afterburner (crashes, Insert key might not work) or Flawless Widescreen (camera enable key doesn't work). If you use MSI Afterburner, please disable it when using the camera tools. If you're using Flawless widescreen, you can use the built-in ultra-wide fix (see below) so you don't need Flawless widescreen for this game.


Additionally to the normal configuration features, the tools for Elden Ring also has some additional configuration features:

Camera smoothing options

The camera smoothing options are for when you want to record a video by flying through the game world and control the camera manually, so not through a camera path. Normally the input to the camera system will be used instantly and you see an effect immediately. However for videos it's often desired to have a smoother camera movement than what's needed when you position the camera for a shot.

The camera smoothing options will give you the ability to control how much of the input you're giving to the camera system is used in future frames so it's creating a smoother experience; e.g. if you set the movement interpolation factor slider to 100 (default is 1), the input given to move the camera forward is used over 100 frames and is slowly flowing away to 0 after you stop giving input to move forward.

Additionally if you first move forward and then move to the right, with the default setting of 1 the camera will first move forward and then immediately move to the right. However with an interpolation factor of e.g. 100 it'll smoothly move to the right, more in a curve than straight away. This gives smooth movement and rotations of the camera. For the Field of View there's also an interpolation factor, which can be used to smoothly zoom in/out so it's less 'jerky' when you try to zoom in/out.

Try to combine the values for the smoothing factors with lower/higher values for movement and rotation speed to find the ideal setup for your recording. It's likely you want a higher interpolation factor for movement than for rotation and FoV.

The values are stored in the ini file for next time you start the client.

Image Adjustments

The Image Adjustments tab is the tab where you can adjust some aspects that might influence the image.

Miscellaneous options

Game speed
This controls how fast the engine runs internally; a value of 1.0 is 'normal game speed' and a value of 0.0001 is total pause. Use this to create slow-motion effects which help you pause the game at the right moment.
Time of Day (sun light direction only)
This controls the time where the sun light direction is determined by. It doesn't change the in-game time. As us photographers just want to change the sunlight and sky light anyway, the time of day support in the camera tools affect the sunlight direction only, based on the time you select. Be aware that time of day doesn't work when the game is paused.
Always stealth (invisible for enemies)
When checked, the player is invisible to any enemy, they won't notice you.
Higher LODs
This setting will disable the switch to lower quality assets in the distance when you move the camera away. This is very taxing for the game tho, so expect massive performance degradation when using it, hence it should only be used for shots. You might see some shadows appearing that shouldn't be there, in some cases. Use it with care.

HUD Toggle

It might be when you pause the game and hide the HUD, the compass is still partly visible. To hide that part, move the mouse a bit and then press Ctrl-Numpad 0 twice.

Ultrawide fix

The tools fix the game's aspect ratio so it doesn't render the black bars when using an ultra-wide monitor. However this will only take effect when you resize the resolution. So after you've injected the tools using the Inject DLL button, go to the game's system settings, and resize the resolution of the game once. You can then click No afterwards to keep the one you had, and the game should now render in ultra-wide. As there's no hotsampling, you won't have to do this again.

Motion blur

To get rid of motion blur when the game is paused, disable it in the game settings.

Information recorded with camera path nodes

When you create a Camera path, each node records the camera location, orientation and field of view, as well as the time of day selected if it's enabled.


The default photomode mod controls are listed below. It depends on the Camera control device setting on the Configuration tab whether the device (e.g. mouse or gamepad) can control the camera.


When moving the mouse:

  • No mouse buttons pressed: rotate the camera
  • Left button pressed: move camera up / down / left / right
  • Right button pressed: move camera forward / backward / left / right
  • Both left and right button pressed: tilt camera left / right
  • Mousewheel: increase / decrease Field of View (FoV)


Normal camera usage

Key Feature
Insert Enable / Disable the camera
Numpad . Block / Unblock input to game
Numpad - Decrease FoV
Numpad + Increase FoV
Numpad * Reset FoV
Home Lock / Unlock camera movement
Numpad 4 Move camera left (+ Ctrl: slower, + Alt: faster)
Numpad 6 Move camera right (+ Ctrl: slower, + Alt: faster)
Numpad 8 Move camera forward (+ Ctrl: slower, + Alt: faster)
Numpad 5 Move camera backward (+ Ctrl: slower, + Alt: faster)
Numpad 7 Move camera up (+ Ctrl: slower, + Alt: faster)
Numpad 9 Move camera down (+ Ctrl: slower, + Alt: faster)
Numpad 4 Move camera left (+ Ctrl: slower, + Alt: faster)
Arrow key Up Rotate camera up (+ Ctrl: slower, + Alt: faster)
Arrow key Down Rotate camera down (+ Ctrl: slower, + Alt: faster)
Arrow key Left Rotate camera left (+ Ctrl: slower, + Alt: faster)
Arrow key Right Rotate camera right (+ Ctrl: slower, + Alt: faster)
Numpad 0 Pause / Unpause the game
Page down Skip a few frames when paused
Numpad 1 Tilt camera left (+ Ctrl: slower, + Alt: tilt 90 degrees left)
Numpad 3 Tilt camera right (+ Ctrl: slower, + Alt: tilt 90 degrees right)
Numpad 2 Reset tilt
Del Toggle HUD

Camera path usage

Key Feature
F7 Start / pause playback
F8 Stop playback
F4 Add path
F10 Add node to active path
Ctrl+F10 Replace the active node on the active path
Alt+F10 Insert a new node in front of the active node on the active path
Shift+F10 Append a new node afterthe active node on the active path
Ctrl+Home Go to start of active path
Ctrl+End Go to end of active path
Ctrl+Page Up Go to previous node on active path
Ctrl+Page Down Go to next node on active path
Numpad 1 Select the first path during playback (if any)
Numpad 2 Select the second path during playback (if any)
Numpad 3 Select the third path during playback (if any)
Numpad 4 Select the forth path during playback (if any)
Numpad 5 Select the firth path during playback (if any)
Numpad 6 Select the sixth path during playback (if any)
Numpad 7 Select the seventh path during playback (if any)
Numpad 8 Select the eighth path during playback (if any)
Numpad 9 Select the ninth path during playback (if any)

Miscellaneous usage

Key Feature
\ Toggle gamespeed override
[ Decrease gamespeed.
] Increase gamespeed.


Normal camera usage

Control Feature
Left stick Move camera forward / backward / left / right
Right stick Rotate camera
Left trigger Move camera up
Right trigger Move camera down
Y button + left / right stick Faster movement / rotation
X button + left / right stick Slower movement / rotation
D-pad up / down Increase / decrease FoV
B button Reset FoV

Camera path usage

Control Feature
Start Start / pause playback
Back Stop playback
Left bumber Go to previous node on active path
Right bumper Go to next node on active path
A Add node to active path

Miscellaneous usage

Key Feature
Menu button + pressing left stick Toggle gamespeed override
Menu button + left bumper Decrease gamespeed.
Menu button + right bumper Increase gamespeed.