Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

"Will the camera mods keep on working after I stop subscribing?"

The camera mods will keep on working after you stop subscribing, till the game they're for gets updated and e.g. breaks the camera mod. After it gets fixed you need to subscribe again to download the updated camera mod.

"I want to pledge more than 5 euros"

That's very generous of you, and you can: when you subscribe you can pledge more than 5 euros.

"I want to move the character when I enable the camera. How do I do that?"

By default the camera mods have both 'keyboard/mouse' and 'gamepad' set as 'camera device'. The input from device that's set as the camera device is blocked to the game by the camera mod when the camera is enabled. To be able to move the character when the camera is enabled, you can do two things: Either set the camera device in the configuration tab of the camera mod client to either keyboard/mouse or gamepad (and use the other device for moving your character) or if you have just one device (e.g. only keyboard/mouse), press Numpad . to enable input to the game when the camera is enabled.

"I want to move the camera relative to the player, how do I do that?"

Create a camera path around the player character, then open the camera path window and check the Playback is relative to the player character's location. Set the path to a reasonable length and enable 'Loop'. Now play the camera path while you move the character (see the previous question "I want to move the character when I enable the camera. How do I do that?").

"In Cyberpunk 2077, when I enable the camera, there's no head!"

The camera mods let you control the active camera in-game. If that's the gameplay camera, then there's no head on V because the game itself doesn't render a head on V during gameplay. To enable the head, please use a mod like AMM to enable the head or enable the photomode and then enable the camera.

"Can you make a camera mod for game with anti cheat/online game?"

Games which have anti-cheat in general won't get a camera mod. For Elden Ring I made an exception because it was very easy to disable without any harm done. Online games are a no-go too as camera mods might give people an advantage and that might upset publishers and that's not what I want. This also goes for Unreal Engine powered games which 'should' work with the UUU but aren't, because of e.g. anti-cheat software and/or are online games. There won't be code added to the UUU to make it work with these games.